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The Rackham C of E Primary School

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Who's Who?


Headteacher 1 Mrs B Harrison

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Mr P Wheelan

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs C Baxter
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs A Ward
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs A Boyden

EYFS Teachers

EYFS Teachers 1 Mrs A Boyden
EYFS Teachers 2 Mrs C Hailstone
EYFS Teachers 3 Miss V Oliver
EYFS Teachers 4 Mrs S Herselman

Key Stage 1 Teachers

Key Stage 1 Teachers 1 Mrs S Deery
Key Stage 1 Teachers 2
Key Stage 1 Teachers 3 Miss G Turner

Year 3/4 Teachers

Year 3/4 Teachers 1 Mrs C Baxter
Year 3/4 Teachers 2 Mrs L Gallois
Year 3/4 Teachers 3 Miss L Crawley
Year 3/4 Teachers 4 Mrs E Berrett

Year 5/6 Teachers

Year 5/6 Teachers 1 Mrs J Pederson
Year 5/6 Teachers 2 Miss S Wakefield
Year 5/6 Teachers 3 Mrs A Ward

Business Manager and Administration Team

Business Manager and Administration Team 1 Mrs S Bowd
Business Manager and Administration Team 2 Mrs S Clifford
Business Manager and Administration Team 3 Mrs A Lowes
Business Manager and Administration Team 4 Mrs G Pitcher


HLTA Team 1 Mrs M Lovell
HLTA Team 2 Mrs A Pooley
HLTA Team 3 Ms L Smith

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants  1 Mrs S Clifford
Teaching Assistants  2 Mrs B Forbes-Gosling
Teaching Assistants  3 Miss K Lockwood
Teaching Assistants  4 Miss S Reeve
Teaching Assistants  5 Mrs A Westrup
Teaching Assistants  6 Mrs V Hilton
Teaching Assistants  7 Mrs S Porter-Smith
Teaching Assistants  8 Miss S Housden
Teaching Assistants  9 Mr P Jordan
Teaching Assistants  10 Ms H Hamilton
Teaching Assistants  11 Mrs A Coney
Teaching Assistants  12 Mrs S Lewin

Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff

Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 1 Mrs M Pluck
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 2 Mrs H Kassem
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 3 Mrs V Speed
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 4 Mrs G Pitcher
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 5 Mrs J Brown
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 6 Mrs C Cox
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 7 Mrs V Hilton
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 8 Mrs A Perkins
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 9 Mrs S Taylor
Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff 10 Mrs J Whitlam
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Our Values