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Speech Language & Communication

Being able to speak and communicate with other people is a vital human activity. We need these skills to communicate with our families, to socialise and to build up relationships with others.

Most children learn to communicate, developing their skills from birth. However, all children develop at different rates and when they get to school staff and/or parents may have a concern that their development is delayed.

There are four areas where children may either be delayed or have specific problems. These are:


Receptive Language

Understanding words, sentences and conversations.


Expressive Language

Talking, using words and sentences and building up vocabulary.


Pragmatic Language

Using language socially and knowing how to use different language for different occasions, e.g. speaking to a friend or to a teacher.


Forming sounds correctly so that speech can be understood.


Some children may have a problem with just one of these areas, whilst with others it may be a combination of difficulties.


If you are concerned or if school is concerned then...

It is always worth getting your child's hearing checked in case they are not hearing sounds clearly enough.


Talk to your child's class teacher about your concerns.


You can always take your child to your GP if you have any concerns about speech and language


What will happen in school...

Our two speech and language trained teaching assistants will carry out a diagnostic test that will identify the areas where your child needs support.


If support is needed then your child may attend one of the regular speech and language groups where the teaching assistants work on specially designed programmes to improve children's speech and language.


The teaching assistants will carry out further tests to measure progress and to modify their programme if necessary.


If your child has more complex needs...

For more complex needs, we would refer the child to the authority's speech and language professionals. A speech therapist would carry out their own diagnosis and then devise a programme that would be carried out jointly between the speech therapist and the teaching assistants in school.


Concerns about stutters and stammer...

These are immediately referred to the speech therapist.


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