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Literacy (L)


Being literate is essential in almost every aspect of adult life whether we are planning a holiday, selecting a DVD or delivering parcels. Literacy is often thought of as the ability “ to read and write” but it also includes being able to speak and listen.

In the EYFS, Literacy has two aspects:

  • Reading
  • Writing


To develop early reading and writing your child will be taught and immersed in the following:

Begin to recognise sounds that have been taught (we will be using the Jolly Phonics scheme)

Attempt to write sounds that have been taught

Start to hear the initial sounds in words

Practise writing own name

Read own name (e.g. on tray/peg labels etc)

Learn to recognise key words, develop a sight vocabulary

Begin to use known sounds to sound out CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words (e.g. ‘pin’, ‘sat’ etc)

Listen to stories that are read aloud by an adult

Engage in mark making/writing activities

Trace patterns and letters